Rustic 1 Year Old Birthyday

Rustic “Cake Smash” 1st Birthday Photos.

Our little Draevyn Dean turned ONE!

Rustic 1 Year Old Birthyday

He is such a blessing to our sweet little family. ❤ I honestly can’t believe he’s already one!

I made some simple props for the photos and we’re lucky enough to have a super rustic barn in the back yard! (Rustic Reclaimed Designs Workshop)

Rustic 1 Year Old Birthyday


When I say simple, I mean they didn’t take more than 15 minutes to create.

For the banner I just dug out some paper from my scrapbooking days, found somewhat matching colours and cut pieces into triangles (a little longer than I needed) folded the top over ribbon and stapled together. (Please be careful when using a stapler. I happened to put a staple through my finger. Yes. Seriously. >.<)

I think most people make these cute little banners out of vintage material but I used what I had on hand and I think it turned out really cute. I hung it from the barn with tacks. ^_^ You can also buy pre-made rustic banners online. <— Some are SUPER CUTE!

Rustic 1 Year Old Birthyday

I used one of our crates that I scored at a barn sale for $2 and we had a couple of those adorable tin buckets on hand which added to the rustic feel for the photos.

For the 1 sign, I cut out a 1 from some scrapbook paper, darkened the edges with an ink pad & stapled it to a wood cookie that I darkened with some of our handmade finishing wax. The baby helped with this project (I was holding him while I was making it and he was wriggling about SO it wasn’t very neat or uniform. BUT I guess that adds to the rustic charm, right?!) ^_^

Rustic 1 Year Old Birthyday

This was supposed to be a cake smash BUT Draevyn didn’t do too much cake mushing. It was almost as though he didn’t want to get messy! ^_^ We had a kiddy pool on hand with warm water in it to wash him off afterwards but it was mostly the blanket that needed a soak. (He crawled over the cupcake a few times)

Rustic 1 Year Old Birthyday

I also mentioned we were lucky enough to have this rustic looking barn in our back yard, but if you don’t have access to anything as such, you can also purchase really authentic looking rustic backdrops online. If set up well, you’d never be able to tell it’s a backdrop! (here’s a search for white wood ones.)

Here’s a really nice rustic looking one! ↓


Overall we had a really nice day. It was fun trying to get a few photos of Draevyn before he crawled off. Luckily I had his Daddy, Big Brother Neveyden, Nana & Papa here helping me by standing behind me making silly noises and faces at him. Dad sat on hand to grab him and put him back in the centre of the photo shoot set. ❤

I thought this one was too cute. ❤


And thank you to Nana Sherida (Rustic Reclaimed Sister) for snapping this sweet photo of my lovely little family. ❤ These boys are my light, my drive, my heart and my inspiration. (This photo made me realize that my 11 year old is nearly as tall as me. Yikes)


Happy 1st Birthday Little Love. ❤

Rustic 1 Year Old Birthyday

Have you thrown a rustic themed birthday party? 

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