Personal Project: Revamping an old Ornate Mirror

I have had this old ornate mirror for ages and while I’ve always loved it, it just never really fit into our decor. Since I’ve been on a revamping kick throughout our house (during what little free time I can find between orders and the littles running about) I decided to give this gorgeous gal a much-needed makeover.

Personal Project Mirror Makeover

Here are the 3 stages of completion and then finally being able to hang it back up. ❤


It started out the original gold metal. (After watching so many episodes of Rehab Addict I feel a little guilty taking this beauty out of its natural glory.. I admire so much how she restores things to their natural beauty.. But then I remember I also adore Fixer Upper‘s style & it’s okay to paint things…. just a little torn here. BUT I do love how this turned out.)

I decided I would dry brush the finish on this piece rather than trying to antique the details afterwards, only because there are SO MANY small, intricate details on this mirror.

I taped around the glass so I wouldn’t have more work to do cleaning it up later. & Started by painting the whole thing black. For a softer look I could have used a grey but most things that I’ve been redoing for the house is white on black.

After the black was thoroughly dry I started dry brushing the white details. (Click the link to check out how we did this.)


I really do love how this turned out. Now if only I could get to the other mirrors needing a face lift as well.


before and after - mirror makeover

I feel like I have a million things started, and lots of them sit half completed for ages before I’m able to get to them again. Not to mention the work barn loaded with project pieces to start. ^_^

Have you got personal projects on the go around your house too?

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