DIY Menu Chalkboard + Dry Erase Board from an Old Window

We’ve done a couple of projects with old windows. They’re so much fun to work with and really add charm and character to any space. Our coffee themed window is one of our faves.

This project was a custom order for one of our friends. We love how it turned out.

Here is the window done before it was decided to add the menu section on.

Dry Erase / Chalkboard window

We’re lucky to have friends that think of us when they see old windows about to be thrown out. This window had so many natural crackles and chippies already, we just accentuated them with some of our homemade dark finishing wax.  We bent the original window lock to be used as a chalk holder and screwed it into the bottom centre of the window.

Old window hardware turned into a chalk holder.

(This was from another window, similar. but you get the idea.) 😉

We taped off the side that will be used for the chalkboard. (really light stick painter’s tape is best to not accidentally pick up any of your beautiful chippies. (You could also clear coat first to keep them in place) For the red dry erase board side, we painted the back of the window with red acrylic paint so that the front glass will be used as a dry erase surface. We didn’t tape this side off as it’ll be against the wall but if you need things to be super neat, then by all means. ❤  (exampled below on our blue version)

Dry Erase Board from an old window.

Paint the back of the glass that will be used as the dry erase side. You could also add a patterned wallpaper, lace, scrapbook paper etc instead of the paint.

We used Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint for the chalkboard side.  It took quite a few coats to cover the glass completely. Be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly before painting again. If it hasn’t cured properly, it will pull right off the glass when you try to do another coat.

Here we are adding the menu & days of the week. You can find the Menu graphic for free here from the Graphics Fairy..
Menu chalk board

We used carbon paper to transfer our print onto the chalkboard enough to see it and then used a white Sharpie paint marker to fill it in. I love this paint pen. It’s much easier for me to keep control of, rather than a paint brush.

Here’s the window completed.

DIY Chalkboard / Dry Erase Board from an Old Window

Always make sure to season your chalkboard  before use.

What a fun project! I really need to make one of these memo boards for our place. They’re so handy to have around.

What types of things have you done with old windows?

Grab your supplies from AMAZON.CA / AMAZON.COM

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