Prepping your New Chalkboard for use.

I’m supposed to prep my new chalkboard?! What?? I know…. this was me too, not all that long ago.

Have you ever bought a fancy new chalkboard, got it home, been all excited about writing yourself lil’ reminders or cute notes to your hubby (or wife, or kids) and then when it came time to wipe clean &  start again, the chalk would not come off for the life of you? You tried scrubbing it, wetting it, etc. Nothing… Yah, I have too.

It happens because a new chalkboard is supposed to be seasoned (or prepped) before use. (something that should come in a user manual, right!?)

Prepping your New Chalkboard for use.

Rest easy, if you bought your chalkboard from us, chances are we seasoned it for you, (or we forgot and sent you a frantic message praying we caught you in time to save the new board.) ^_^

To prevent the fist writing on your chalkboard from being “burned” into the chalkboard and staying there forever, you’re to first “season” the board to prep (or prime) it to accept chalk evenly.

Don’t worry, it’s easy.

To do this, lay a piece of chalk on its side & rub it down the length of the board. Cover all of the board, getting into all the lil’ crevices.

Prepping your New Chalkboard for use.

Prepping your New Chalkboard for use.

Next using a dry soft cloth rub it all around and then wipe it off. (or use your chalkboard eraser)

Prepping your New Chalkboard for use.

Your chalkboard is now ready to use. 🙂

Prepping your New Chalkboard for use.

Pheww. That was easy.

& know that if you have “burned” your new chalkboard, you can always just paint over it with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint to freshen it up.

Here’s a post from Ella Claire called CHALKBOARD MAINTENANCE 101. It’s got everything you need to know if you’re creating your own boards.

Have you painted your own chalkboards? We’d love for you to share with us in the comments below! 

A special thanks to Janice for snapping these pics for us! ❤

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