With Country Chic Paint

Mirror Makeover. | Icicle Blue

I’ve had this giant gold mirror for years!

Carolina Mirror Corp 1984

Excuse the years of dirt of the surface. YUCK!

I always thought it was so old with its ornate charm. I was feeling a little guilty about painting it until I took the backing off and found the makers stamp. I realized it’s not nearly as old as I imagined.

Sept. 25 1984 Carolina Mirror Corp

Here’s the only info I could find online about the company. I got this mirror about 10 years ago at a barn sale just outside of Smithville. The seller had said her friend moved into an old house and these mirrors were lining the hallways. There were 2 of each this one and my other mirror I recently did a makeover on. I wish I had of gotten all 4. (I think I need to take the backing off of the other mirror now too, to see if it’s the same age & maker.) The only difference is the other one is some kind of metal casting. This one is not.

Icicle - Country Chic Paint ColoursFor this mirror makeover I used Country Chic Paint in Icicle. I picked it up locally at the new Vintage Vogue Grimsby location.

If you haven’t tried Country Chic Paint, I highly recommend you do! It’s so easy to work with, and leaves you with a gorgeous matte finish.

This fabulous paint is eco-friendly and contains no harmful solvents. Just what we like to hear! Having a baby at home, it’s not always easy for me to sneak off to the barn to paint. I felt comfortable being able to use this paint in our home with no chemicals to worry about my family breathing in. Thank you Country Chic!

Here’s this lovely mirror with only 1 coat of paint:

Mirror Makeover

This paint has amazing coverage! I’m not going to lie though. It wasn’t easy to get into all of these small intricate details. I was determined to have this painted and back up in one night tho, so I kept at it.

While I painted my mirror, Mr. Draevyn Dean “painted” with some water on cardboard. ^_^

Draevyn Dean. RRD's Happy Helper

While I was painting, I decided to do an old Ball jar as well. But instead of painting the outside, like we normally do. I painted the inside of this one. I really love how it turned out. It looks like a soft milk glass. You can see more about that here.

Ball Jar Makeover

Before I put the backing back on, I took this opportunity to really deep clean the glass. This mirror has always been really hard to clean because of the spaces between the frame.

We used good ol’ fashion white vinegar. Worked like a charm.

vinegar to clean old mirror

Look at those years of hidden grime. Gross.

So here is this gorgeous Mirror all done. (all clean & hung back up)

With Country Chic Paint

I’m so pleased with how this turned out. & I am SO in love with this colour! ❤

With Country Chic Paint

Have you used Country Chic Paint for DIY makeovers? What are your favourite colours? 


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