Project: Headboard Sign for Beamer Falls Manor

What a fun project this was! Beamer Falls Manor had a vision to turn an old headboard into a massive sign for the front of their property.

If you haven’t heard of Beamer Falls Manor, you should check them out on Facebook. They have SUCH a gorgeous property.

Headboard Sign for Beamer Falls Manor

Here’s what we started with:

Headboard sign before

This beast did NOT want to take the paint. We started by spraying it with 3 cans of white, (Chalked, & Krylon) gave up and moved onto regular ol’ Rust-Oleum Origins white paint. (Which also took about 5 coats)

Headboard sign before

We finally got the entire headboard covered & looking good! We did a quick overall clear coat before moving onto the lettering.

Here’s where it got nerve-racking. ^_^ Trying to get the design big enough, centred and even.

Headboard Sign for Beamer Falls Manor

If we thought getting one side of the lettering done straight was scary, we actually did both sides of this headboard with lettering.

Luckily, it went smoothly.

Headboard Sign for Beamer Falls Manor

Graphic on, antiquing of the details done! 🙂

Headboard Sign for Beamer Falls Manor

We’re so grateful that Beamer Falls Manor asked us to create their main sign for them. We feel blessed to be apart of their gorgeous manor.

Headboard Sign before & after for Beamer Falls Manor

We made a hanging sign for under the headboard with their website and number and hung it with eye hooks and twine. We used our dark finishing wax and paint for the dark details. (Working on a post for this technique) We finished it off with A TON of clear spray by Krylon.

I really love how this turned out.

Have you done any creative projects with headboards? Share with us in the comments below! 🙂 

You can get all of your supplies for creating, online at The Home Depot

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