Ball Jar Makeover

While I was happily working away on my Mirror Makeover with Country Chic Paint I decided to do a matching ball jar. I did this jar a little differently than we normally do.

Ball Jar Makeover


Instead of painting the outside of the jar like our many rustic looking mason jars, I decided to paint the inside of this one.

One of the main reasons I decided not to paint the outside is because it has this neat little old label on the back:

Medical Label?

I really wish the other half wasn’t missing. Does that say “Bones Wire”? A friend suggested the possibility of it being an old medical jar that used to house k-wire. I wish there was a way to find out for sure. It does have rust stains inside.

Painting the inside wasn’t all that difficult. I know some people will pour paint inside and slosh it all around until it’s covered but that seemed like it would take a whole lot of paint and I wasn’t willing to waste any as I still have 2 more projects to get done with my little jar of icicle.

I just put the paintbrush inside the jar and painted like I would have the outside. There were some spots that were hard to reach such as the rim but I got it all covered. A small sponge brush may have made this easier. I don’t know.

BUT I do love how this looks! It’s really soft and light and looks so cute next to my gorgeous newly painted mirror!

With Country Chic Paint

Ball Jar Makeover with Country Chic Paint

And of course we had to add our friend, G.W. Lampkins from 1882 to the setup. 🙂

Every time I walk round this corner, I smile at how beautiful this looks. So simple with such a huge difference. I highly recommend Country Chic Paint.

Ball Jar Makeover


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