Brown Sugar Jar Label – DIY (Quick & Easy)

I love how easy this was! It looks so cute & fits in perfectly for my new coffee bar.

The best part is, you likely have all the supplies you need sitting around at home and won’t have to make a special shopping trip.

DIY Brown Sugar Label

This was so fast to make. I think I may be labelling a lot more things in the near future.

What You’ll need:

DIY Brown Sugar Label

Here’s the original image:

I used the bottom centre and turned it into this:

brown sugar graphic

Please feel free to use this for your own personal use only. (& crediting authors upon upload) Thank you for understanding. If you happen to use it and upload a photo, we’d love to be tagged so we can see. ❤

How to:

  1. Grab the label you want to use. Size it and print it out. (on normal printer paper) 
  2. Cut it out. 
  3. Cover the design completely with packing tape (Or thick clear tape) I found when I tried to lay the tape on the design it caused a bunch of wrinkles so instead I laid the tape down first and put the image on top of it. overlap edges if you need more than one strip to cover your design, so your design doesn’t come apart later. DIY Brown Sugar Label
  4. Cut around the tape so it’s just the size of your design. I’m sure this part isn’t necessary but it makes it look a little neater. DIY Brown Sugar Label
  5. Next, submerge your entire design into a bowl of water. Let it sit there and soak for a while. DIY Brown Sugar Label
  6. It won’t take long but once the water soaks through the paper it’ll be really easy to rub off. DIY Brown Sugar Label
  7. Slowly and carefully rub all  of the paper off of the tape. It should leave behind just your laser printed design. DIY Brown Sugar Label
  8. Once your design is completely free of the paper, let it sit for a few minutes. Once it’s dry it will regain it’s stickiness & you can apply it to your jar.

If the design is needing to wrap a bit on the jar you may end up with some wrinkles. You can usually push them out. (They aren’t all that noticeable anyways though.)

There you have it! Admire your handy work! 😉

DIY Brown Sugar Label

DIY Brown Sugar Label

This could be really fun. I’m now thinking of other things I can label!

Are you labelling things around your house? Share with us below! 

DIY Brown Sugar Label

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