Antique Celluloid Photo Album

Mama Sherida found this album at her local second-hand shop! What a find. It’s so delicate and beautifully made. We wanted to try to find out more about it.

I don’t know about you but I love researching old objects and learning about them. It’s one of my favourite things to do.

Here are some photos of the album:

Side of album


Someone’s old fingerprint.

front cover closeup of embossing

We were hoping to find out more about it.

We uploaded it to the wonderful Facebook group: What is this? Antique, vintage, and unusual item identification. and received a few helpful responses; that it was from turn of the 20th century and held tintype photographs. & to look up ‘Victorian celluloid albums’

We then tried to do some searching of our own.

We did an image search on google using the first photograph and found this vintage post card matching the image on the front of the album.

mes meilleurs voeux translates to best wishes. The corner of the post card is too blurry to make out unfortunately.

We found this photo HERE but there were no results when clicking from google. The page may have been removed.

We found this photo HERE but there were no results when clicking from google. The page may have been removed.

And this album with the same girl on the front. It was listed on eBay but has since been deleted.


Antique Celluloid Colonial Girl Photo Album – 1900’s

We also found this new years card here but again, no info on the year or artist.


There was another version with an image search of the post card here and it included the back of the version they had:


The information here says:

Set Title
CHRISTMAS the golden age, glamorous girls

A HAPPY NEW YEAR girl in white holds open parasol, green background

girls, gilt/green background, CHROMOGRAPHED IN BERLIN, same image more distant CHRISTMAS 8086

First Use: 29/12/1904

The same site had other versions of this girl in the post card set.


So the general consensus is that this art piece was used around 1900.

Thank goodness for Google’s “search by image” option, otherwise we wouldn’t have found any of this… I just wish there was some info out there about the artist.

Do you know anything about this album? We’d love for you to share with us in the comments below! 


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