Kitchen Makeover – Virtual Style

We rent so I can’t actually do many of the things I’d like to… but I can dream right?

I love the signs we’ve made for the kitchen & all the little treasures we’ve been collecting. But I look at the rest of the kitchen & think how much more beautiful it could be with a little makeover.

Here’s what our kitchen looks like:



Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s a wonderful kitchen. It’s very spacious and bright. I love the window and all of the drawer and cabinet space.

BUT if it were mine to play around with, I would definitely *without a doubt* paint the cabinets white, add some different drawer pulls, a farmhouse style sink & some subway tile. & probably even a different counter, I love that cement look.

SO I decided to have some Photoshop fun. ^_^ It’s rough but you get the idea.

Here’s my virtual kitchen makeover:

kitchen makeover

AHHH it would be so lovely, wouldn’t it?

I’m still debating on painting that enamel top table. I scored that beauty, along with 4 chairs for $40. ❤ It came that green colour, Mama & I roughed it up a bit but I’m still not sure about the green.

Here’s the before and after side by side.

before & after virtual kitchen makeover

I’ve never been a fan of light stained wood. It gives that orange tone to everything. & the whole house is loaded with it. Floors & all.

For an example, here’s the original image before I fixed the lighting:


Gosh how I’d love to give this space a bright clean makeover.

kitchen makeover

Oh love & dreamin’. One day I will have my own house & kitchen to have fun with. Design, decorating, remodelling & makeovers is one of my favourite things to do. BUT in the meantime, I am super thankful for our home & what we do have. ❤

& Here’s a closeup of my new bakery sign: ❤


I’ll post more about that soon! 🙂

Have you done a kitchen makeover? We’d love for you to share with us in the comments! ❤  


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