Sideboard Makeover – Pistachio Delight

The before. The during. (decisions, decisions) & the final buffet!

As I’m sure you already know, we LOVE Country Chic Paint! We had a small container of the gorgeous limited edition colour Pistachio Delight. I was certain what was left wouldn’t have been enough for this project (though the paint goes a long way, I had already used it a few times). I was so happy when Mama Sherida found a larger tin of it on sale at Vintage Vogue! ❤

Country Chic Paint - Pistachio Delight

As soon as our friend Leigh dropped this buffet off to us, (Thank you sweet lady!) I knew I wanted to paint it this colour! I really didn’t think we were going to get lucky finding it since it was a limited edition colour! I’m so glad we were.

Here’s what this beauty looked like beforehand:

before buffet

This thing is solidly made. It weighs a ton.

Sooo… at first I had this vision, where I would only paint certain spots and leave some of the bare wood to match the top… so I ended up taking forever to tape all around each cupboard, behind everything so the whole frame was covered & also parts of the trim….

Starting out:

taping off the buffet

First complete coat.

first coat

Here was what the tape revealed:

missing something

I really had high hopes for this idea… & While I did like it, it just felt like it was missing something.. I asked for multiple opinions and ultimately ended up painting the entire thing, leaving the top. (& staining it darker)

Well, that was a super huge waste of time. That’s okay though. Whatever it takes to make it just right.

Sooo here it is all painted up:

Pistachio Delight Buffet Makeover

The finish is heavily distressed & then detailed with some of our handmade dark finishing wax. The top is stained in Ebony by Minwax. (US) We updated the original hardware by spray painting them black. ❤

close up pistachio delight buffet

How we achieved this look:

We were asked to share how we got this look. Thanks so much! ❤

  1. Before we started painting, we rubbed soap (Yes, soap!) along the parts we wanted to look like the paint had been chipped off. It basically makes the paint come right off. We try rubbing it off with different textured tools to get different looks. (ie. a cloth, a paint scraper, sandpaper, a wire brush, rough side of a sponge.  etc.) (We used good ol’ fashion Irish Springs)
  2. Then we took heavy grit (60) sandpaper to scratch up some spots. We didn’t use a sander for this part, we did it by hand.
  3. Next we took fine grit (100+) sandpaper on the sander and lightly went around the edges of the piece. Not completely, just in the spots we saw fit.
  4. Finally, using a paintbrush we put on some of our dark finishing wax in the creases and crevices. (Anything on a lower surface) & rubbed it in / smoothed it out with an old towel rag.
  5. We also rubbed some wax into the outer edges of the cupboards, drawers & sides of the buffet using a rag & a circular motion until it was a good uniform consistency.
  6. To further pop the sanded details and chippies we also rubbed wax into those spots. & Also around the hardware to make it look old and used.

We weren’t super careful about any of this as we wanted it to look rough. 

That’s it! ❤

The drawers work beautifully & the two side cupboards open (centre is fixed in place) and there is a long removable shelf inside. This thing really feels like it was built to last. It’s currently listed on out Facebook Sales Group.

I do love how it turned out. ❤

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