Turn Cheap Dollar Store Pumpkins into Beautiful Fall Decor.

This is as cheap, quick and easy as it comes. We took these cheap plastic & foam Dollarama pumpkins and turned them into beautiful fall decor.

These were painted in Stirling by Fusion Mineral Paint (link to buy online) (Casement is also a really popular colour) (US link)

Painted Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkins

These were painted in Icicle by Country Chic Paint.

Painted Pumpkins

There are lots of nice paint options you can find online. Anything from acrylic craft paint to a chalk based paint. Whatever finish you’re going for will help decide what paint to use. (US links to acrylic & chalk)

Tape off the stem, or pull it out. (unless you’re going to make a stem later. If so, read below) I used it as a holder to be able to turn the pumpkin without getting paint everywhere. I even got a little bit of paint on the stem and wiped it off for an extra rustic effect.

Then we upgraded the stems by gluing some rustic looking twine around the plastic piece.

Twine Pumpkin Stem

To make a more rustic stem:

– Start by cutting a few strips of twine to the length that you’d like your stem. I needed 4 pieces for the medium-sized pumpkins.

– Unwind the end of the twine that will be the base of the stem.

Twine Pumpkin Stem

– Glue in sections onto the base of the plastic stem & then twist and glue the strands together. If you’d like your stem to bend you can form it while the glue is still pliable.

Twine Pumpkin Stem

Twine Pumpkin Stem

You can even take it one step further and add dark wax or paint into the crevices to create a more rustic look and feel.

Painted Pumpkins

What seasonal projects are you working on?

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