Wood Log Pumpkins – DIY

Sherida had this super cute idea to turn some pieces of scrap square logs we had laying around into super cute pumpkin decor.

They turned out darling.

Log Pumpkins

While this is a super easy DIY project, it’s not really an indoor one as it involves drilling and clear coating… Make sure to wear proper protective gear & always work in a well ventilated area. Our work barn comes in handy here.

There aren’t a lot of supplies needed, and most you may already have laying around. 🙂

We’re lucky enough to have a curly willow tree on the front lawn so we collected some of the fallen twigs to create the stems but you can use any ol’ twigs for this project.

What you’ll need:

You could start by sanding the logs smooth but we left ours as we like that rough rustic look. 😉

Depending if you want pure orange or some wood left showing through, you can either paint your log fully or dry brush to leave some dimension. You could also sand some orange off after to expose some wood too.

Once you’re happy with your finish, drill 3 holes side by side in a triangle-like shape into the top.


Do you like my “paint” quality illustrations? Haha.. I realized explaining it without a photo was kind of confusing, so I tried my best.

After you’ve drilled the 3 holes close to one another, then with the drill bit on an angle, drill toward the other holes to open the sides into the centre to make one big hole.


The size of the hole on the top will depend on how many twigs you want to jam in there. & don’t worry if it’s a bit sloppy, the twine isn’t just a pretty accessory, it also hides the base a bit.

Fit some twigs into place & once you’re happy, glue them into place. Wait for your glue to dry.

Tie on some twine or even raffia & spray with clear coat. Once that’s dry, your cute lil pumpkins are ready to be displayed.

Log Pumpkins


What fall items did you create this year? Share with us below!

We’ve got two of these available for anyone that may be interested. We’ll have them posted to the sales group.

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