DIY Reclaimed Wood Rustic Christmas Tree

These adorable 4 foot trees were so fun to make! Here’s our winter wonderland version and instructions so you can do one yourself. ❤

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Tree -DIY

What You’ll Need:

Before we begin,  PLEASE be sure to WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR & BE CAREFUL! PLEASE! ❤ We don’t want anyone to lose a finger. See our safety disclaimer here.


Start by laying the mounting pole down and laying some boards across, to find what works for you. Once you’re happy with the layout, cut them to size if needed. Sand the edges with your power hand sander. If the pole needs a point at the end to stick into the ground, do that now.

Draw a star shape onto another board & cut out best you can. (ours is totally wonky but we love the rustic charm it added)

Screw your boards & star into place.

Dry brush every other board white (to add some pretty scrapbook pieces in between). Leave to dry.

Paint your snowflakes white while you’re waiting. 🙂

Choose your scrapbook theme / colours. These certainly don’t have to be Christmas theme. We chose blue trees & snowflakes for ours. Lay across your boards & cut to size. Scrapbook paper comes in 12″ so if your board is longer, just line up more after it.

To get your paper on as smooth as possible, it helps to get it wet. So what we did was start by spraying (one at a time) the pre-cut paper with warm water and letting it soak in while you apply the mod podge (generously, with the sponge paint brush) on the boards you will be putting this down on. (again, one board at a time)

Lay the damp paper down onto the wet mod podge, slide it into position. Press down with your fingers and using a sponge’s soft side, just rub it down and push out any air bubbles. (hold the paper in place when you start so it doesn’t slip out of place)

Leave to dry overnight. (You can apply more mod podge on top of the paper while it’s wet)

Once it’s dry, you can sand the edges with some sand paper to make it look a little rustic. (I think the electric sander would pull too much off) We sanded some of the bottom board and it showed wood grain through the paper. It looked really neat.

Position your snowflakes (if you’re doing a winter theme) where you like them & then glue them down. Let dry.

Clear coat the entire thing & once that dries (go by directions on can) your tree is now ready to display!

Sit back & enjoy the beauty. 😉

Close up of rustic reclaimed wood tree

Have fun & happy creating! ❤

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience, making a purchase through one of our links earns us a small commission. (this doesn’t cost you any extra) Thank you for supporting Rustic Reclaimed. ❤

If you’ve made one of these we’d LOVE for you to share photos with us. ❤ 


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