Update on the Mirror Makeover. | It’s a chalkboard now.

Remember my Mirror Makeover. | Icicle Blue post?

With Country Chic Paint

Well…. devastatingly enough, this mirror fell off the wall and exploded. Thank the good Lord no one was nearby when it happened. Someone could have gotten really hurt.

Mirror Makeover | Update

I posted to our facebook and got lots of supportive comments about just making it into a chalkboard. I was already in the works of creating different chalkboards from other frames but decided I could do something different with those ones.

Soooo… after cleaning it all up and dusting glass shards out of the frame, I took the backing and painted it with Rust-olium’s chalkboard paint. (US)

Then I tried this technique from Bless’er House. Basically you print out what you’d like on your board, then rub the back with chalk, flip it over, tape it in place and draw over the letters.

Mirror update

Mirror update

I needed mine to be pretty big so I brought it into Block Posters and made a poster from my graphic.

I tried, to do the lettering Lauren’s way, I really did. but it just wasn’t showing up dark enough for me to go over it with the chalk, so I kind of winged the end, as you can tell:

Mirror Makeover | Update

My writing is not neat but I tried my best. haha. This was my Christmas themed chalkboard saying. I’ll upload a new photo once I gain the confidence to change it up.

Mirror to chalkboard

It’s certainly not as fresh as it was as a mirror but it’ll have to do for now. I’m considering just painting the background white and making a sign out of it instead.. What do you think? Something about the blackboard against the pretty blue frame, just isn’t making it stand out like it used to.

Mirror Makeover | Update

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