Personal Project: Hutch Makeover

This poor hutch. I’m telling  you. I bought this thing ages ago from a friend and it was painted white and all chipping and yellow stained.

Hutch Makeover

I should have just left it alone. Seriously. 

First, I slapped on a fresh coat of white.

Hutch Makeover

& I planned on glazing just the details………. well. this was before I had a clue what I was doing and the stain glaze just sunk right into the paint… Because I wasn’t really sure how I was going to fix it, I just went with it, and fake stained the whole darned thing. Ugh.

Hutch Makeover

Hutch Makeover


This is how it sat for nearly a year. And every time I looked at it, I cringed a little…. but Draevyn was just a new baby and I  just didn’t have the time or patience to redo it… again…

Until now. I finally had enough of looking at my furniture fail and decided to just get it done. I was on a mission to redo most all of our furniture and really personalise our space.. I couldn’t exclude the hutch. No matter how big of a job it was going to be.

Because it weights a ton, I just tarped the floor of my dining room and painted inside. I used Origins Premium, Extra Flat for this project.

Hutch Makeover

Hutch Makeover

After I had the painting done, I used some of our home made dark finishing wax in the crevices and along the edges.

So now this poor thing has paint, more paint, stain, more paint and wax on it. :/ BUT I think it turned out  good. ^_^

Hutch Makeover

I stained the hardware to darken it up a bit.

Hutch Makeover

Hutch Makeover

And it sat in our dining room for a while longer. I ended up getting a new hutch from a friend. (I’ll add photos soon)

So I decided to stage this one and put it up for sale.

Hutch Makeover

I got help from Rebeccah from Flipping Furniture for Profit on Facebook. (Check out her group)

And this was the finished result:

Hutch Makeover

She helped with a price point & it ended up selling super quick. I hope it’s new owners enjoy it as much as I did. I had this thing for so long, it’s kind of weird to think that I don’t own it anymore. I really love my new hutch though & I can’t wait to clean it up. I don’t think I’ll have the heart to paint this one. (I’ll post about it soon)

What projects do you have on the go?


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