Creating a farmhouse chic serving tray out of reclaimed strapping.

This was really a cute project. It was made as a custom order for a customer but we are really hoping to make more in the future. (to be honest, if it didn’t take so long I would have made one for our place already) Hopefully we can find a way to make them that doesn’t take quite so long.

Create a serving tray out of strapping

Our customer was extra helpful because they already knew what measurements they wanted the tray to be. This definitely saved us some time from trying to decide ourselves.

We started by finding some old long strips of strapping & cutting it to size. The cool part about this is they were all different colours so we used that to our advantage when making the bottom of the tray.

We first measured, cut and sanded the pieces to create the frame. We cut little blocks of wood to secure the strapping to in the corners. Leaving a gap between the two straps, wood glue & nail in place.

Create a serving tray out of strapping

Next we measured the lengths to be cut and used as the bottom. Piecing them together to try to make a unique pattern of colours was fun. (you could also stain the pieces different colours) Then we secured them in place with glue & finishing nails. These had to be small to not crack the thin side boards. Then we sanded and sealed the wood. (using matte clear coat by Krylon) (US)

Create a serving tray out of strapping We added their family name to the front & some rustic rope as handles. I really do adore the look of this tray.

Create a serving tray out of strapping

We *carefully* painted the outside wood white. It probably would have been smartest to paint this part first before adding the base strapping BUT we wanted the outer edges of the random colours to be white so that the inside really popped!

I think it turned out great. Here’s to hoping I can make my own some day soon! ^_^

Have you made any wooden trays or crates? I’d love for you to share with us!


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