Have an eco-friendly clean home with e-cloth.

I’m huge on natural cleaning. If you don’t already know, I run another blog, called The Herbal Healing Mama. It focuses on natural alternatives for everyday products, and using God-given herbs and plants to achieve the same or better results as store-bought products for around the home & on our bodies. I share products I love & share my motherhood journey.

This week I was fortunate enough to team up with e-cloth to offer one of my readers a General Purpose cloth. e-cloth has a whole range of different cloths for specific jobs around the house and ALL of them use only WATER to disinfect your home.

e-cloth - disinfect your home using only water.

I thoroughly used this cloth around my home before reporting back & I’d just like to share the feeling it left behind. Not only did our home look clean, it felt clean.

I loved the idea that this magnificent cloth could disinfect our living areas using just water.  This is especially great if you have toddlers & pets. What a revolutionary way to clean. I use natural cleaning products anyways but this cloth made it all the better. You CAN use cleaning products with this cloth but it really isn’t necessary.

e-cloth - disinfect your home using only water.

You can check out my post here to learn all about how this cloth works. & be sure to check out the giveaway post while you’re there!

Happy cleaning!


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