Jewellery Box Makeover with Country Chic Paint.

I love second-hand store scores & free paint! ^_^ Country Chic Paint was having a free sample promotion. They are so generous. ❤ We love Country Chic Paint. I had gotten this  container for my friend to try out on these super cute little wall sconces that she has and wants to redo BUT I haven’t tried this colour yet so she agreed to share a little bit with me so I could redo this cute lil’ jewellery box I found at the local Benevolent Fund.

Country Chic Paint

I chose the beautiful Lazy Linen from Vintage Vogue Grimsby. Thank You Cindy! I love this little jewellery box. It was cute before the paint but did that gorgeous grey ever make this thing pop!

Country Chic Paint

I didn’t even do anything to the hardware, (normally I do) it just works so well with this lovely shade of grey paint. I used my beloved Country Chic Paint Oval Paint Brush. I really love how smooth this brush is. & My Lil Draevyn sat in his high chair next to me and painted a masterpiece as well. ❤

Country Chic Paint

One of the things I love about Country Chic Paint is that it was super easy to get the spots off of the glass afterwards. I started scratching it with an exacto blade but soon realized I could wipe it right off with damp paper towel. This paint is also a dream to distress. I lightly sanded around the edges & this beauty was good to go!

The jewellery box has a little drawer, a ring holder and a spinner on the open side to hang necklaces.

Country Chic Paint

We’ll post this up for sale in our Facebook group shortly. It just needs a couple finishing touches.

Country Chic Paint


I should have waited for daylight with my good camera to share photos but I was so excited after I finished it. I took some much better photos this morning to share!

Jewellery Box Makeover with Country Chic Paint

Jewellery Box Makeover with Country Chic Paint

Jewellery Box Makeover with Country Chic Paint

Thanks so much for the visit! Happy Crafting! ❤

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