Keep the change Jar

Project: laundry sign

This laundry sign is a hit on our Pinterest! (THANK YOU!) It was a lot of fun to make. We’d love to make other versions in the future.

Keep the change Jar

This is one of the very first signs we ever made.

We started by cutting two pieces of wood the same length then we secured strapping to the back with glue & nails. We sanded the entire thing & painted the front lightly in white. Then we sanded the edges again to give it that rustic look. We rubbed some of our home-made finishing wax all over the whole thing to darken the grain.

Since this was one of our first signs we were using the Mod Podge transfer method using regular printer paper, printed in reverse on our laser printer. (though this method takes a lot of time, it works pretty well & we’ll post about our methods here sooner than later.) We design our items in either Photoshop CS5 or Picmonkey.

We wire wrapped the jar & screwed it into the board. Adding some twine around the lip for some extra charm.

The clothes pegs are made of bamboo (US link) so they’re a little more sturdy than the regular pegs but even dollar store ones would work. We wood glued these onto the board, hoping to keep them in place for a long time. This is great wood glue. (US link)

We sealed the whole thing using  Krylon matte clear coat (US). Added a wire hanger to the back & away it went to it’s new home!

Clean Socks looking for their sole mates

Thanks again for all of you shares! Happy Laundering!

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