Rustic Red Pallet Bar – Project

What an adorable project! Sherida tackled most of it and I just helped out with securing the pieces together and photographing her lovely work.

Rustic Pallet Bar

This is a neat piece because it could work both inside or out. It would definitely make an adorable patio bar next to the grill.

Sherida had wanted to do one of these for quite a while so she was very happy when we finally found two small pallets that would line up to make the base.

We started by securing the two pallets together with screws, into the middle, top & bottom, then cut some wood slats to create the open shelving in the centre,  two thicker slabs for the counter top & we put boards on the bottom openings to create more shelves that happen to work great for holding bottles upright..

Once the entire thing had been sanded, (you don’t want any slivers or sharp bits). Sherida painted the entire thing in Country Chic Paint’s Liquorice. (black) She sanded random places of the outer areas, leaving some black to later show through the red & left  the entire inside black for that detailed pop. Then  she painted the entire outside in Devotion (red) she lightly distressed the red to have some of the black & natural wood shine though. I think it turned out beautiful!

Rustic Red Pallet Bar

The top slabs are stained in Ebony from Minwax. (US) It’s a really nice rich colour that still shows the natural grains of the wood. It’s also pretty flat in colour which we like.

We used big roofing nails to secure the middle shelf, they have that nice round top, in a flat silver giving that neat old look.

We found the rustic star, rustic bottle opener & 3 rustic hooks at Vintage Vogue Grimsby. We made the rotating bar open/bar closed sign & 5’oclock sum’where sign. & Sherida found the wine bottle sign at another local shop.

Rustic Pallet Bar

We sealed the entire thing with several coats of Krylon matte clear coat (US) for durable protection. We like to use the low-odor version. It actually has a sweet smell to it & we don’t have to wait a week for the nasty chemical smell to settle down to be able to send our pieces to their new homes.

This one measured 34″ tall, 32″ wide & 10.5″ deep. We kind of can’t wait for spring so we can try a turquoise one.

Have you built a pallet bar? We’d love to see your creations!


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