Teacher Gift: Planter Crate

This super cute project for my son’s teacher was fun for him & I to make together. (he’s 11) It really wasn’t very hard & I think it turned out nice & sentimental.

Teacher Gift: Plant Crate

I probably should have worked out the placement of words around the wood knot a little better….. but… Since Nev helped & it was really from him, I figured this would be okay. (is that terrible?) ❤ 

We started by cutting our base piece of wood into a square then cutting the 4 sides to fit together onto the base. We did two taller sides and two shorter front & back pieces for this one.

We secured the sides to the bottom first (glue & nails) & then secured the sides and front / back to one another afterwards.

We sanded the whole thing & then stained it using Minwax Poly Shades stain in Antique Walnut. (US)

Once that dried we added our “thanks for helping me grow” to the front, though it could have used some help.. Sealed the whole thing, (using matte clear coat by Krylon) (US) made a crackle mason jar, added some flowers & voila! Sweet & simple lil gift. (Sherida is the master of crackle. I’m going to get her to write about how she does it soon!)

You could add a different container inside to use as a planter, a pencil holder for her desk, catch-all etc. This simple gift has lots of possibilities.

Do your kids make their teacher gifts too? What have they made?

Happy Crafting!

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