The May House – 1901 Coldwater, MS

Have you ever just seen a house, fallen in love & then had to research all about it? This is the case with this house that I’m about to share with you!

It all started with a Facebook post in a group I follow What is this? Antique, vintage, and unusual item identification. Lauri McCullar posted a photo asking about a very unique piece of furniture. Something about it really drew me in so I got to reading the comments where she had shared photos of a few more equally amazing pieces. We got to chatting and it turned out all of these treasures were being sold with a house that the seller had inherited and would not separate. Lauri told me she was able to go through the house & she was kind enough to share all of the photos she took with me so I could share them here with you.

Of course this led me to hours of online research all about the house and the original owners. It’s funny because I’ve spent YEARS researching my ancestry and turn up with next to nothing but this information all came flooding in.

I hope you have as much fun on this tour as I did. There’s just something about these old forgotten houses that I love. I wish I had all the monies to fix these beauties up to their former glory & set them back out into the world to be loved once again.

Built in 1901, I introduce to you, The May House:



Straight from the listing I found online:

8377 Arkabutla Rd,Coldwater, MS 38618 / 5 beds 2 baths 3,000 sqft

THE “MAY HOUSE”, was built around the turn of the century by Mr and Mrs W W May, a local business leader. This grand home has over 3000 sq ft with impressive hardwood floors with wood inserts, high ceilings, fireplaces, and amazing deep wood trim. Come, see the grand front foyer and stairway. On approximately 3 acres, this is a North Mississippi landmark. It is sold AS IS and will need work to bring it back to its original gradeur.

Here are some google maps results:

The May House The May House The May House

The May House The May House

The May House

The May House

The May House

The May House

The May House

The May House

Some seriously impressive pieces of furniture.

The May House

The May House

The May House

The May House

The May House

What a collection of amazing furniture.

The May House

I just want to clean and polish those gorgeous floor with inlays. The original wood panels are in great shape also!


I LOVE this window!


Love that old claw foot tub.

This house would be so amazing fixed up. I pray someone buys it and documents its restoration of love.

I decided to put the rest of the photos into a gallery so they could still be enjoyed  but not take up the whole page. ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

RIP Mr. & Mrs. May.


Mr. May Obit


MR. W. W. MAY 

President of Board 

The 1930

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