Shop Update. New Direction & Policies.

After an overwhelming amount of orders over the Christmas holiday, (which we were very grateful for) we were excited & started full force for WEEKS to get these orders completed in a timely manor. We were soon met with disappointment & discouragement. This is what led us to our break & breather.

We had people cancel their orders after we had completed the work, people that never showed up to collect their items. We then reposted the items for sale, in hopes that someone else could appreciate them and the items were then claimed a second time, in some cases, a third time and still, we had no-show after no-show. This was very hurtful to us. We know it may seem silly to take it personally but we really felt that these people did not appreciate the fact that we too are very busy, we have families and other responsibilities but we took time to create these items in hopes that they would be loved and appreciated as decor for your home over the holidays. (for the few that DID show up, thank you so much! we love & appreciate you!) We then realized we needed to start doing things MUCH differently if we were going to continue.

New Policies. effective immediately:

  1. We will NOT have custom orders open at all times.  We will open the doors in short bursts of when we will be accepting custom requests.
  2. ALL custom orders accepted will be subject to a 50% deposit of the final payment upfront BEFORE work begins.
  3. Any already done items that we have available for sale will NOT be held without a FULL payment made via e-transfer or cash.

We’re very sorry it’s had to come down to this but this is our means of helping to support our families and when work goes unclaimed (especially seasonal) that’s hours lost that we could have been working to make money + storage that we have to hold until next season in attempt to sell again.

Thank you for understanding. We appreciate you! ❤

Now that we have had time to think about what the game plan will be, and update the shop policies, we are working on a bit of a shop overhaul. We started Rustic Reclaimed Designs with the main focus being “Handmade Signs, Reclaimed Home Décor & More!” but now after trial and error for the past year we’re going to shift our focus more onto reclaiming old items and furniture & still creating our own visions to sell. The signs will be of our designs until custom orders re-open. I (Briar-Rose) will be focusing on the blog as that’s really where my passion lies.  (obviously we need to still create in order to have content for the blog. )

SO once we get the ball rolling again, we will continue to post available items for sale in our Facebook Group. Please join us over there & take a look under the sales tab. It has a ton of items we still have available.

Thanks so much to everyone that has stuck around on our journey so far. ❤

Love, Briar-Rose & Sherida.


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