Different Chalk Writing Options. Here’s what some of them look like.

I am by no means a creative chalkboard artist *I wish* I see all sorts of gorgeous art online with what looks like simple techniques posted to help… I just can’t make it work so I freehand most of what I do on our home boards. (they aren’t fancy looking but something I’d like to work on in the future.) There are so many different chalk writer options these days, it’s hard to know what is best or easiest to use for your project.

I started my hunt for different chalk options when I was doing my Love Around the World Project. The notes I was sending out were done on a cute lil chalkboard frame I made as I didn’t want to waste a ton of paper during the project. *Earth-Wise Mama here*.

Chalkboard Love Notes

Chalkboard Love Note – This one was done using the Chalk Writer.

My idea ended up as a fail shortly after I started as it was much too cold to stand outside erasing and rewriting my 200+ notes each day. My wet cloth to erase would freeze. SO I ended up using a chalk pencil on black paper and sticking it in the frame.

While there are a bunch of different chalk options, I certainly haven’t tried them all but I am sharing the ones I have tried here with you today.. and I would love for you to share the ones you have tried and what your experiences are with them.

White Chalk

Regular ol’ chalk is always an option, though strangely enough it seems much harder to find these days. Our local Dollarama has EVERYTHING – except white chalk. You can get jumbo coloured  chalk as long as it’s nearing spring or summer, but otherwise you are out of luck. I did however find a large pack at another dollar store in town.

It’s not as easy to draw with as some of the options below and it also creates a dusty mess BUT it’s tried and true and can never go out of style. 😉 They say This Crayola Chalk is dustless but I’ve never tried it.

Erasable chalk markers

Designed to give the look of chalk without the mess and dust


While I do enjoy these markers, they don’t come off as easily as they say they do. You have to wet erase them and sometimes they leave marks behind. BUT they do go on super smooth and are easy to use as long as you aren’t trying to write anything too small. The tip is wide and round to start but becomes blunt after use which makes it hard to make sharp-looking letters. However, if your toddler loses the lid and it dries out… then it doesn’t go on as smoothly. I also tried a blue one from the dollar store before I realized the awesome Vintage Vogue had white ones. It seemed like the dollar store had every colour except white. Of course.

Frame Chalk Board Calendar with Chalk Pencil


I was super excited about this one. This was a local Dollarama score. I found it there for only $4. The pencil works awesome. I couldn’t wait to try it out on the other chalkboards I had painted.. annnnnd it didn’t work. It wouldn’t show up on the painted boards at all. It looks great on the slick surface of the one it came with… and that’s it.  It is a useful product nonetheless. It even has a built-in chalk ledge.

Here’s mine in my kitchen. To the left of the stove:

Farmhouse Kitchen Chalkboard Calendar

So, I’ve tried the wide coloured chalk, super hard to letter with. The little white chalk, it’s not so bad. The chalk pencil, would be amazing if it would work on any chalkboard. (Hey, maybe there is a brand out there that does.) & the chalk writers. I think out of the ones I’ve tried I like the writers the best.

Here’s what a few of the different chalk options look like:

Differetn Chalk Writer Options

Different Chalk Writer Options

Quick Tip: To get the regular white chalk to go on a little more smoothly, wet the tip of it before you start. It also dries much darker.

Jones Design Co has an awesome post called HOW TO WRITE ON A CHALKBOARD with even more chalk writing options as well.

What are you favourite chalk products to use?

Grab your supplies from AMAZON.CA / AMAZON.COM

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