DIY Gallery Wall

Picture This: DIY Collage Wall

Today we have Blair from @ouroldhomeplace sharing a guest post on her fabulous DIY Collage / Gallery Wall. Thanks so much Blair! ❤ 

My husband and I just bought this precious home in the country where everywhere we look is acres of fields and trees. I just love the calm still breeze and the quiet of country living as the spring breeze blows in. In our living room we have a long wall that screamed to be noticed. It is the longest and largest wall of our home and slap in the middle of where everyone gathers. I knew from day one that I wanted it to be a focal point for the room that oozed our personality and love for Christ. After throwing around some ideas and pinning like a mad woman, I finally settled on making a collage wall. Months later I finally purchased my last piece to complete it and the results immediately set the room’s tone and became the talk of our home. One of the questions I get asked most is, how do I make a collage wall for my home? It just may be simpler than you think.


DIY Gallery Wall

First, find a wall that you want to add some personality to. It can be large or small (I am about to begin work on a smaller collage for a shorter wall in my bedroom). Anywhere works really.

Next, is the longest part: collect your items that you will include. Don’t be afraid to choose items with different textures and patterns. For a collage wall everything doesn’t have to be matching. Choose items that mean something to you and your family. Ideas to think about include lyrics, quotes, pieces from a collection you may have, monograms, Bible verses, etc. Also, be patient! It took me approximately three months to collect all of the items I used.

After collecting comes the planning. To avoid error, lay your collage wall out on the floor. I first measured how much of the wall I wanted it to cover, then laid those parameters out on the floor so I knew how much space I had to cover. I then began to randomly place items, rearranging them frequently, and some of the pieces I ended up not using at all. I spaced items around 3-4 inches apart depending on shape. Try to avoid too much space between items producing an empty looking area. Also, start with the center and work out. As you can see below, I used my “e” as my center piece and worked around it to construct the collage. Once you have laid out your wall you will be able to quickly see if you need to add more pieces or take others away. Work on the floor model until you have received your desired look.

Lastly, it is time to hang! This part also requires patience and lucky for me, my husband had tons when working along side me on our wall. Since I knew I wanted the “e” to be my centerpiece we measured the wall in order to hang it in the center. From there we slowly worked outward hanging one piece at a time, then stepping back to ensure it was level and then moved on to the next piece. One item I believe in are the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. I hung the smaller items with these incase we made any mistakes, the wall wasn’t damaged. After all items are hung, you are finished. And ta da, your very own collage wall!

DIY Collage Wall

Happy DIYing, 



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