Side Table Makeover

Shabby Chic Side Table Makeover

I’ve been working hard to update our space. I’ve had a million projects on the go all at once and will have a ton to share on the blog! I’m excited. It’s finally starting to come together now but for the past week or so our home has looked like the remnants of a tornado. The only downside to my many projects is that I mostly neglect the rest of the house when I’m working on something. (Only leaving more work for myself later.) I’ve got a pile of laundry to catch up on now… but at least I’ve got this cozy reading / coffee spot going on.

Side Table Makeover

These side tables got a quick makeover with one  of Country Chic Paint’s limited edition spring & summer colours, Crinoline. It’s a gorgeous crisp white.

My Mom rescued these beauties from a curbside garbage pile! Thank you Mama!

Here’s their before photo:

Side Table Makeover

Not that there was anything wrong with them, I found them to be quite lovely, actually. They’ve been in our livingroom for quite some time BUT part of me updating our space included these cute lil’ tables too.

I used my go-to Country Chic Paint’s Oval Paint Brush and gave the table bases a few coats of Crinoline. Because I have a toddler in the house, I shared a “space-saving tip” I found worked great when painting these side tables.

Side Table Painting tip

I was trying to take up as little space as possible while painting and keep them out of his way. It actually worked really well. *Don’t mind me, I’ll just be painting here in my corner.* ^_^

I probably shouldn’t admit this out-loud but when I’m working on a personal project, I don’t prep the surface (other than a good clean) and I rarely seal it afterward.. So far I’ve never had an issue. (Knock on wood, praise the Lord.) Country Chic Paint’s All-in-One Decor Paint is self priming, and actually doesn’t require a top coat. CCP’s products are also eco-friendly which I’m ALL ABOUT! I can feel comfortable using their products in my home, knowing they are safe around my family. This is such an important factor to me. Thanks for being so awesome Country Chic. ❤

Side Table Makeover

To update the hardware, I painted them black and added a very light dry brush of Country Chic Paint’s Metallic Cream in the colour Belt Buckle on top. It gave a little more detail to an otherwise flat black piece. I really like how they turned out.

Side Table Makeover

The other side table is also done and looking lovely with my new Farmhouse style lamp I found at the local second-hand store but I just haven’t had a chance to grab a photo of that end of the room yet. I’ll add one soon. ❤

Thanks so much to Country Chic Paint for allowing me to be part of their trial list of Bloggers for 2017. I am honored. There have been SO many amazing projects posted to their blog. Check out all of the inspiration by clicking the blog link below! ❤

Check Out Country Chic Paint around the web

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What fun projects are you working on this week? 

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