Farmhouse TV Stand Makeover

Farmhouse Tv Stand Makeover

I am seriously loving this thing! It’s barely recognizable from what it looked like originally. I scored this beauty for $20 a couple of years ago from the local thrift shop and while it was a super handy corner stand, I never really cared too much for it, and never envisioned that it could ever be quite this beautiful.

Farmhouse TV Stand Makeover

This was actually quite a quick and simple makeover! It was definitely one of the fastest things I’ve ever gotten done, and I’ll explain how later on in this post.

Here is what it looked like before:

I decided to leave the glass doors off as their function was mostly to collect sticky toddler prints and ding up the wood from being opened 75,000 times a day! ^_^

(Now when I say wood, this stand is actually cheap press boards BUT you’d never be able to tell now! + those dings fit in with the weathered look)

I painted two coats of Country Chic Paint in Vanilla Frosting. I did not let it dry as long as I normally do in between coats and there’s a good reason why! When the second coat is dry to the touch is when I use the “wet distress” method that I talked about here with my mirror makeover.

Farmhouse TV Stand Makeover

I taped off the edges of the surface spots that I wanted to leave wood colour and removed the shelves that I was leaving as well. (I left the very top, the surface where the TV sits and the top and middle shelves.)

Using random brush strokes I sort of sloppily coated the stand with thin layers of paint. The cabinet wasn’t painted solidly which came in handy for giving it that worn out look I was going for.

I say two coats but I probably went over it a couple more times while it was wet..  You can paint as much or as little as you’d like. Once the ‘second’ coat was dry I took a damp rag and just rubbed the paint off where I wanted it to be distressed. It comes off so easy with this technique so it’s important not to rub too hard as you may pull off more paint than you hope to. For more precision around edges I find it’s easiest to wrap the cloth around your finger so you can control where you’re wiping. I did random spots of distressing and around the edges of the whole piece. It’s helpful to have a bucket of warm water nearby as you’ll be rinsing the cloth often. (Note: The first wipe may leave it a bit cloudy once it dries because it’s moving the paint around. You can leave it like that if you like it or if you want it back down to the bare wood, just go over the same spot again to wipe away the paint. You can wait until it’s completely dry, it will still come off easily but won’t take more of the paint you want to keep away.)

I don’t use any specialty cloths for this, it’s literally a piece of material from my hubby’s old flannel jammies that I cut into rags.

Farmhouse TV Stand Makeover

I left the stand to dry overnight and in the morning, I used some of Country Chic Paint’s black wax to get into some of the details and rubbed some along the edges of the cupboards and down around the bottom where aging and wear would happen naturally. There was no method to the waxing because I wanted it to be pretty random to fit into that worn look.

I darkened the original hardware with some black paint.

Farmhouse TV Stand Makeover

It sounds like quite the process but it’s really not. It was so easy to get this great look. A few people have come in and asked if we got a new stand. They said it doesn’t even look like the same one.

What I used for this project:

(CCP = Country Chic Paint)

I also made that sweet lil framed family sign for the top to hide the modem.

Farmhouse TV Stand Makeover


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