Cheap Pressboard Dresser Makeover

My dad gave us this lil dresser & up until now it’s been in the garage holding our tools. I was trying to take out the “coffee bar” that was in this little corner and replace it with something that wouldn’t overhang the wall. This little thing measured in perfect until I plugged the coffee pot in Soooo I decided to move the coffee station over to a corner of the counter. I have to decide what this dresser’s new top function will be BUT these drawers are coming in handy for extra kitchen items! We moved the old counter that was here back into the laundry room which I’ll share soon too.

Here’s our Coffee Bar Before, and while it did look cute, the counter that I was using there overhung the wall and was kind of a catch-all for random kitchen items.

Here’s what this little dresser looked like before:

I custom mixed this colour with some Country Chic Paint I had on hand. I was going for more of a minty colour which didn’t work out but I love this colour too. (mixed using colours; Luna, Nightfall, Wanderess, Pistachio Delight, & Vanilla Frosting) I finished it off with some of their Pearl Wax.

I took off the plastic handles & added some better looking brass coloured knobs that we had on hand. I think it’s amazing what a little bit of paint and different hardware can do for a piece.

& these cute little cotton stems I also made which I’ll post about soon!

I also solved the problem of not being able to hang anything on the side of the pantry. (since we rent and I didn’t want to ruin it with holes) I got a wreath hanger and put it into the seam on the top of the cabinet. Then I hung a few layers of things to match.

What a fun pop of colour in the kitchen!

What projects are you working on this week?

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