Coffee Station on the Counter

I shared about how I was trying to update my coffee bar here and how I ended up moving it over to the counter instead.

I was racking my brain as to what I could use (that I already had on hand until I could get out shopping) for the tray that will hold the coffee pot. I remembered an old oval gold mirror that was hanging in our upstairs bathroom so I decided I would paint that and use it for now.

Yes, there is an over abundance of coffee pots. We may have a slight addiction. After my first couple cups of real coffee I move onto decaf so instead of making one cup at a time in our reusable pod (US) for the Keurig, I find it’s sometimes easier to make a pot BUT the big pot is usually brewing with regular coffee for hubby so I have a mini pot for my decaf. I need to find a canister for my coffee still so this space will definitely be updated again once I find something.

For the mirror tray, I used Country Chic Paint’s colour Sunday Tea (which I thought was a fitting name for this project) and I topped it off with some of their Pearl Wax to give it a little extra pop. Sunday Tea is almost like a stone colour. I love it so much.

I really want to find a galvanized oval tray to replace the mirror but for now, it’s doing the trick. Then our upstairs bathroom will have an updated mirror to start that makeover as well.

You can find this free But First Coffee chalkboard printable here.

Have you got a Farmhouse style coffee station in your place? I’d love for you to share some inspiration with me.

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