Farmhouse-Chic Fireplace Makeover

Farmhouse-Chic Fireplace Makeover

I was so excited to share this fabulous fireplace makeover over on Country Chic Paint’s blog! If you’ve been following along, you probably saw numerous posts about this fireplace. It was a fun project & I’m so happy how it turned out.

Farmhouse-Chic Fireplace Makeover


I really lucked out on this free fireplace. A friend was literally getting ready to throw it to the curb when my mama & hubby went to rescue it for me. It fits in nicely with my thrifty livingroom update which I’ll be sharing the whole thing once I’m done.

They had to take the fireplace apart for it to fit in our trunk so it came to me in pieces.

Farmhouse-Chic Fireplace Makeover

Mama & I rebuilt it and then we realized someone must have cut the original trim to fit in a bigger insert and It was a pretty rough cut.

Farmhouse-Chic Fireplace Makeover

Many people said I would have to cut an entirely new piece of wood to make it work but I was determined I could fix it with a little bit of trim. Luckily we had some pieces in the garage that were thin enough to not get in the way of the insert so I measured, cut, glued and nailed them in place.

After painting the whole thing I sat and stared at it for a week trying to decide if I would leave it crisp white or if adding Country Chic Paint’s black glaze would look best. I knew I wanted the details to pop but I was terrified to ruin it. (This was before I had tried their glaze and why I tested it out on the filing cabinet and frame first.) Here’s what it looked like then:

Farmhouse-Chic Fireplace Makeover

I posted the poll over to our Facebook & Instagram asking for our friend’s opinions on what they would do. The votes were definitely leaning on keeping it all white & while it certainly did look lovely, it was just lacking something next to the items that surrounded it.

I opted for the glaze and am so glad I did. It really gave it that pop I had envisioned when I started this piece.

Farmhouse-Chic Fireplace Makeover

Head over to Country Chic Paint’s blog to see my guest post with the how-to on this finish. I’d like to thank CCP for giving me the opportunity to share some projects on their blog. Feeling blessed.

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