Antiqin’ on the weekend.

Because I forgot to share my fall finds here! These photos were from October. Oops. 4 months behind. I had been looking for a scale for so long! I got lucky with this one. We went down to the Prudhommes Antique House (Another house I'd love to restore) ❤ I searched the whole place with … Continue reading Antiqin’ on the weekend.

Antiquing Wax - DIY

How to Make your Own Dark Finishing Wax – DIY (All Natural)

Make your own dark finishing wax using all natural ingredients! I wanted a cost-effective way to try out a black finishing wax, I had just purchased an amazing dark wax from Minwax but it's brown & I really wanted to try black. Especially for all of my personal home projects I've started.  Instead of heading out the … Continue reading How to Make your Own Dark Finishing Wax – DIY (All Natural)