DIY Reclaimed Wood Rustic Christmas Tree

These adorable 4 foot trees were so fun to make! Here's our winter wonderland version and instructions so you can do one yourself. ❤ What You'll Need: Reclaimed Wood (different sized slats that you can cut and a piece to be the mounting pole) Hand Sander (we use one very similar to this) (US link) … Continue reading DIY Reclaimed Wood Rustic Christmas Tree


Christmas Themed Rustic Projects 2016

We thought we'd share some photos of the fun Christmas themed projects we completed this year. Here's a DIY post on the tree.  We had a lot of fun creating some custom Christmas themed signs. ❤ Sadly though, many weren't picked up, we reposted at lowered prices on our Sales Group, but it was too close to … Continue reading Christmas Themed Rustic Projects 2016